Sources of Inspiration

Writers obtain inspiration from events around them. Take this report about Maroochydore adopting a new waste disposal system. How would you use this as the basis for a work of fiction?

Firstly there is the impact on the current refuse collectors. How will they find alternative work in a challenging environment and what happens to their dependents? Does their frustration persuade them to sabotage the technology or do they become supporters of a far-right political party that promises to remove foreigners and give jobs back to local people?

Secondly, how will the reduction in rats, mice and cockroaches affect the ecosystem? I can imagine some upset cats. Our suburb usually has a flock of aggressive birds trying to pull scraps from partially closed bins. Where do they go now?

Thirdly, there are practical issues. Are people fined if they cannot distinguish between general, recycling and organic? Does the system ever get blocked? Could a terrorist drop a bomb and time it to explode underneath and important building? Will serial killers be able to dispose of bodies, without being detected?

Several speculative possibilities from a short mundane report.

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