Helping the Unemployed

Once there was a man who wondered, very briefly, if he could do anything to help the unemployed. That morning he drove his foreign built car to the train station, because the council could not afford to run a bus. On the way he stopped for petrol, and paid at the pump, then listened to a privately downloaded song whilst observing all the potholes that the council couldn’t afford to repair.

He parked in a car-park, without staff, and entered a train station without staff. He brought a ticket from a machine, then wondered why he bothered because nobody bothered to check it. At work he made an executive decision to outsource more jobs, because it saved the company money, and delegated someone else to tell them. That was when he thought about the costs to the individuals, but not for long because his boss gave him a bonus. He celebrated by taking the boss for a coffee at a global chain, that paid no tax in his country.

On the way home, he drove past dozens of small empty shops then brought groceries at a supermarket, queuing for the self-service till because the manned ones were not manned. At home he checked that his email to confirm his discount for paying his council tax bill by direct debit then booked his holiday on a foreign owned credit card through a foreign owned agency, that paid no tax in his country.

Finally, he sat down in front of his television, built overseas and purchased online, to watch a debate about unemployment in the absence of the quality programmes that companies could no longer afford to make. After his second beer, both imported, he had a question for the politicians so took out his phone, made by a company that paid no tax in his country, and sent a text that asked: “What are you doing about it?”


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