Still no trace of DB Cooper

On 24 November 1971 a man jumped out of an aeroplane at 10,000 feet somewhere between Seattle and Reno with $200,000.  Despite extensive searches he has never been traced or identified. The mystery deepened nine years later when some of the money was found in a river.

As with any unsolved case there are numerous theories, some more credible than others. The latest accuses Walter R Reca who provided tape-recorded confessions to a friend before his death.  A witness was found who remembered meeting Reca in the woods on that night of Thanksgiving eve. The story falls apart because of inconsistencies between the confessions and the known facts of the hijacking, not least that the area where he allegedly landed was not on the recorded flight path.

The FBI remain convinced that the hijacker died when he jumped into a wooded area in the pitch blackness and rain, wearing just a trench coat and loafers. This seems the most logical explanation, except for the absence of a body and the fact that nobody matching the description was reported missing.


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