Avoid the Tourist Trap


There are calls for this advert to be removed from the London underground. The official advertising policy for London Transport restricts images that could be seen as distasteful, indecent or obscene. It does not allow the promotion of unhealthy body shapes and recently banned adverts for funerals and cremations. Yet this poster is on display.

The wider issue is the willingness to use horrific events as a magnet for tourists. In 2015 the Jack the Ripper Museum opened, charging £12.  This is in addition to the London Dungeon, £30, and numerous Jack the Ripper walking tours. Tragedy creates opportunities for profit, as it did in 1888 when people flocked to the crime scenes.

I once visited Auschwitz where my opportunity to pay respects, and understand the terrible events, was ruined by a family who thought it appropriate to have a snowball fight amongst the memorials. This is the mentality of those conditioned to viewing murder and violence as entertainment. Study the past and learn from it but don’t treat it as a day trip.

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