My Last Blog

This will be the last of my regular weekly blogs.

Two years ago, I started blogging to promote myself and my writing. Every Friday or Saturday, with a couple of holiday exceptions, I added a short post. Most were nothing to do with creative writing, covering current affairs, business development and other diverse topics.  I envisaged it becoming a modern version of “Mustard and Cress”, the weekly newspaper column written by George Robert Sims for 45 years.

Whilst it has been fun finding new things to write about and the feedback has been positive, I do not feel that the core objective has been met. In truth the blog has distracted me from my other writing. With several large and time-consuming projects underway and a decision to change jobs, it seems an appropriate time to end this commitment.

I will continue to maintain the website and use it to provide updates on my writing in addition to my facebook page.

Thank you all for reading.

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