Thanks for the reviews

This week I want to pay tribute to those readers who take the time to write reviews. Good or bad, their comments provide useful feedback to writers and help us improve. This week I was sent a link to this fabulous review of Futuristic Canada, an anthology containing my short story “Her Last Walk.” The review is balanced and comprehensive with comments on each story.

Also, this week my review of Doctor Who: The Crusade appeared on the Doctor Who Ratings Guide. As I watch each episode of the program in order, I have been writing quick reviews and sending them for publication in this immense database of opinions. This one was too quick. Who fans will spot the error and the concise comments do not, with hindsight, do justice to the best story in the second series.

I have taken a learning point to improve the quality of my reviews, with a new benchmark. Reviews matter, so please keep writing and sharing them.

Paul Williams is an author of fiction and non-fiction including Jack the Ripper Suspects: The Definitive Guide and Encyclopedia. During June and July, he will be donating royalties from copies sold in Australia to The Black Dog Institute

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