Acknowledge your milestones

Having talked about deadlines in last week’s blog I’d like to stress the importance of setting and acknowledging milestones. Writing is a lonely occupation that often dents confidence. Hence the need to pat ourselves on the back when we meet deadlines. In the planning stage these may be set by a publisher or self-imposed. If the later it might be a daily target for a number of words, or a date to finish a draft. Keep a record and reflect on what you can achieve and your ability to set realistic deadlines.

As writers move from beginner through amateur to professional status, they can aim for more challenging goals.  These may include financial targets which help you prioritise projects. Improving your commercial awareness is a huge step towards professionalism.

A bonus is when you unwittingly feature in the milestones of others. This year I was fortunate to write the 8500th review on the Doctor Who Ratings Guide and narrate the 200th edition of RipperCast.

Be proud of your achievements my friends and allow them to lead you to greater success.

Paul Williams is a writer of fiction and non-fiction, best known for his study of the Jack the Ripper suspects.

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