Supporting women in horror

This month is the eleventh annual women in horror month, an international grassroots initiative that encourages people to learn about and showcase the work of women in the horror industry. The genre began in literature, arguably with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein first published in 1818. Last year Frankenstein was listed by the BBC as one of 100 top inspiring novels. Forty-four other books by women made that list. An early reviewer of Frankenstein dismissed it, because of the writer’s gender. Today many female writers still encounter discrimination.

In last week’s blog I spoke about film makers not taking risks. Horror films usually cost less to make, so provide opportunities to blood new talent on both sides of the camera. Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron are among the directors who launched their career in this genre. Challenge yourself to name three famous female directors.

Hopefully initatives like women in horror will continue to thrive and help create an environment where everyone is judged solely on the merits of their work.

Paul Williams is a writer of fiction and non-fiction, best known for his study of the Jack the Ripper suspects.

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