Interview about Jack the Ripper


This week I was privileged to be interviewed about Jack the Ripper, specially my suspect encyclopedia, by Michael Hawley on the House of Mystery Radio Show. Mike is an expert on Francis Tumblety, the only suspect who has a whole chapter to himself in the book. We talked about a range of issues in the case then came the closing question, “Who was Jack the Ripper?” I don’t have an answer because the available evidence doesn’t support a definite conclusion.

Many of the suspects I talk about in the book are there because others have promoted them, sometimes with a reasoned argument based on the facts and sometimes with speculation. My purpose in writing the book was to collate that information, put in front of a wider audience and let people form their own opinions.

As always there are parallels. There are a lot of opinions about the current global pandemic, some based on reasoned arguments and some entirely speculative. It is important that we base our opinions on the facts and that those facts are presented to us in a way that we can understand.

If you are stuck at home, it it is a good time to read books and listen to the radio.


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