A Grave Connection

This week I returned to one of the 333 suspects in my book about Jack the Ripper, aiming to write a longer piece about him. This follows articles about Robert Hiron, John George Donkin, Jim Connell, William Onion which I expanded into an, as yet, unpublished biography and Thomas Cutbush. So many of the suspects have fascinating, and largely untold, stories.

My research led me to Grave Tales, which has now published seven volumes of books telling selected short narratives about people buried in specific cemeteries or cities. I was sceptical of this concept and found inaccuracies in the piece on my subject. However, I learnt a lot of interesting information about the others, many of whom I’d never heard of.

Someday I might return to tell a longer story about them.

Paul Williams is a writer best known for his study of the Jack the Ripper suspects.


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