Improving Routine

This week my writing was more productive than usual. I am attributing this to better preparation. Previously my practice was to write whenever I had spare time at weekends and in the evening. Now I am allocating set times in blocks of two hours. Outside of those blocks I do the other things that I need to do. Even if I have a great idea I wait until the set time. This means that when I sit down in front of the laptop I work without distractions, refusing to stop until the time is up.

I have abandoned the impossible principle of multi-tasking to focus on one job at a time. This meant listing my writing projects in order of priority, ensuring that I tackle the most important piece first. When that is complete, I move onto the next. Anything that I do not finish in the session is left for the next one. It is essentially the same focus on productivity and avoiding unnecessary activity that I apply in my other work.

Despite initial reservations the early signs are positive. The real test will come when I next receive a tight deadline from an editor.


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