The Myth of Friday 13th

Due to travel the frequency of this blog has slipped in recent weeks. Today is Friday 13th, a date when it is claimed that some people refuse to travel or do anything that is not essential. This is not supported by factual evidence and there is no science behind the superstition. We do not even know why Friday 13th is considered unlucky.

The number 13 has sinister connotations. Thirteen, including the traitor, sat down at the Last Supper. Jesus was executed on the following day, a Friday, but the two omens were not connected until a non-religious novel was published in 1907. The only notable historical event that occurred on Friday 13th is the arrest of the Knights Templar, and the significance of that is minor.

Yet Friday the 13th is one of the most successful movie franchises of all time. Unlucky for some.

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