Strange Inspiration

I am writing this in a hotel room in Rockhampton. Writing was a portable trade long before technology gave us instant publication. I recently read an interview with popular author Lee Child, who lives in on a large estate in Wyoming with no near neighbours. Some writers prefer an isolated environment, others surround themselves with distractions. Both methods help find the inspiration we crave.

Mostly it comes from people. We observe, listen, and remember. This might be the people around us or those presented to us in the media. Often, frustratingly, inspiration is unexpected. On a long solo drive this morning I was struck by a good idea and drafted the whole story in my head. With plenty of time and no background noise my mind was open to receive this. I can only speculate how a passenger would have affected the process.

When I wrote my book about wolves, I wanted to embrace the wilderness. Now, whilst I see the attractions, I think I learn more from companions.  

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