New Anthology

This week I received my contributor’s copies of The Best New True Crime Stories: Well-Mannered Crooks, Rogues and Criminals. As with previous books in the series editor Mitzi Szereto has assembled a diverse range of material and authors. My piece follows one by T. Fox. Dunham. It is the fourth time I have worked with Fox. We both wrote for Ominous Realities in 2013 then, last year, Fox interviewed me about Jack the Ripper for What Are You Afraid of and accepted my story for his charity anthology based on the work of Pink Floyd.

For me the objective of reading non-fiction is to learn something new. All too often anthologies and books repeat what has been said elsewhere. This may interest those who are unfamiliar with the topic but bores others with repetition. Mitzi’s authors either tell stories that have not been told before or find a different angle.

I have given the most in-depth account so far of the life of Charles Ernest Chadwick, international conman, bigamist, ersatz surgeon, and Jack the Ripper suspect. Hopefully readers will find this interesting because I am certainly going to learn a lot from the other contributions.

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