The future shown by Doctor Who in 1984

Twenty similarities between Season 22 of Doctor Who, broadcast in 1984, and the 2016 American election.

  1. A ridiculous plan to change the course of history.
  2. Policemen shooting innocent people.
  3. A society addicted to reality television.
  4. A decent but weak leader, frustrated by the political system.
  5. A repulsive capitalist intent on usurping power.
  6. A female environmentalist, with a bearded colleague, and a flawed plan.
  7. A superior female manipulating allies and enemies.
  8. An elaborate attempt to hide the leak of an important secret.
  9. An inept politician refusing to accept defeat.
  10. A vast business empire based on deceit.
  11. A bevy of selfish characters uninterested in anyone else.
  12. Workers rioting about the loss of their jobs.
  13. Males behaving inappropriately to a young American female.
  14. Major issues mentioned but not explored.
  15. Irrelevant dialogue.
  16. False accusations.
  17. Policies based on rhetoric in defiance of science.
  18. Rare but brilliant moral debates.
  19. The unnecessary return of characters and elements from the past.
  20. Falling ratings.



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