Trump Utopia


My next short story will appear in Trump Utopia or Dystopia, a new anthology from Dark Helix Press, available electronically in December and in print in January. The premise for authors was simple. Speculative fiction about Donald J. Trump, showing the world created by his policies. In the week that Trump authorised the final release of documents relating to the assassination of President Kennedy, I started speculating on how a world created by Kennedy’s policies might look.

Several writers have created alternative histories in which Kennedy survived. If asked to do the same I would imagine a world where:

1. The USSR is the only superpower.
2. America has a free healthcare system.
3. Palestine has no international recognition.
4. The public have no access to government documents.
5. Martin Luther King became President in 1980.

We can all imagine how things would be different, if events in our own lives had occurred earlier, later or never. We can also speculate on how things might be better and, perhaps, find ways to make that speculation a reality.


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