Negative Voting

This week I’ve heard a lot about the power of positivity and remain unconvinced that it offers any solutions. It might make people feel good temporarily, but it doesn’t solve any problems. It is not a message embraced by politicians, quite the opposite. They avoided the difficult vote on same sex marriage by delegating to a postal referendum. Then they continue with negative campaigning. Advertising for the Queensland election has focused on the failures, perceived or real, of the other parties. There has been nothing to promote policies or a stance on key issues. Hardly likely to inspire voters, especially for a state government.

In other countries a low turnout would be expected. Compulsory voting means that millions will vote with no interest, and no clue. Many don’t know who their MP is.  To make matters worse they must now rate every candidate, as Australia refuses to embrace the meaning of democracy and give victory to the person with the most votes. Chances are that the average voter will know nothing about any of the candidates, other than the name of the party they represent.

There is one very easy way to express their dissatisfaction with the parties, the mediocre candidates, the stupid rules, and the terrible campaign. Just tick one box. Then the vote will not count.  If 80% did that it could bring the system down. That’s a positive outcome.


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