Rediscovering the Doctor

Today is the 55th anniversary of Doctor Who. Since the first episode was broadcast on 23 November 1963  there have been 847 episodes telling 283 stories, plus novels, audios and countless pieces of merchandise. It is an unique part of British popular culture that has motivated me for most of my life and continues to inspire millions.

In January this year I made a resolution to watch every episode in chronological order at the rate of one per week. It will take seventeen years to get through the current material plus another four if the show keeps adding ten new episodes each year. I could binge watch but  rarely have more than an hour spare each week. Instead this allows me to make a regular commitment and enables me to identify with the original audience. I want to see the stories as they were meant to be seen, accepting that I may not fully appreciate references to contemporary culture. It is an opportunity to watch history unfold, against the background of whatever changes lie ahead in my own life.

I will be documenting my thoughts during the process and look forward to sharing them with you.



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