The Obese Organisation

Mr Company ran along the corporate path. His brain relayed directions to his legs and they kept him ahead of the competitors. One day Mr Company had a vision that inspired him to glide so he took half the money earned by the legs and hired worms to help him develop. The worms employed more worms and created management layers inside Mr Company’s heart, delaying delivery of the directions. The legs changed course and stumbled under the extra weight. Mr Company looked down and couldn’t see his legs because he was too fat.

Mr Company decided to be lean. The worms advised him to trim the legs. Mr Company realised that he wouldn’t be agile without the legs so decided to cull some of the worms. To persuade him of their value the worms took the rest of the money earned by the legs and spent it on engagement projects and initiatives. When Mr Company saw no tangible benefits the worms collaborated to isolate the brain and feed it false information.

Confused and unable to give directions the brain resigned. The legs collapsed, and Mr Company died. Competitors raced past, stamping on the maggots that crawled from Mr Company’s heart.

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