Three H’s for Engagement

Engagement is a key focus for many companies, but they disagree on how to achieve it. Some measure anonymous surveys, others run expensive initiatives, and many link it with other buzz words. Generally, it is about trust. People are with you if they believe you. You can build that trust with the right approach, which I’ll call the three H’s. Hard work, Honesty and Helping Others.

You expect those around you to work hard but why should they if they see you slacking? You don’t have to put in extra shifts, but you do need to ensure that everyone sees your role and effort adding value. Honesty is about answering questions without being indiscreet or betraying confidences. Always keep to the facts, unless you’re asked for a personal opinion. If that opinion is likely to upset someone then no comment is an acceptable response. Never lie or pretend and don’t make assumptions about anyone.

Helping others isn’t necessary about work.  It involves offering the little things that make people feel better. A word of gratitude, a coffee, listening to concerns, an extended deadline. This should be consistent, and available to all, without being routine or patronizing.

Make the three H’s part of your working life and you’ll soon enjoy an improved level of employee engagement.


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