Show don’t tell

Show don’t tell is advice usually given to writers, but it should also apply to those starting new jobs. As an applicant you summarise your past experiences and describe the most suitable in the interview. Then, when you start, it’s all irrelevant. Your new colleagues, and managers, aren’t interested in anecdotes of previous glories. They want to see your skills in the current role.

This is illustrated by the constant movement of football managers. Success at one club usually earns an offer at another but often is not replicated. There are lots of reasons for this, but one is that the manager, like Brian Clough at Leeds or Jose Mourinho, at Manchester United, rely on reputation rather than taking time to understand the different culture and structure in their new role.

It’s natural for us to speak proudly of our greatest career achievements, but we should save the memories for reunions and concentrate on creating new ones.

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