Too late to say no

Members of the British Parliament are leading a global trend of poor decision making. This week 432 (66%) of them voted against the Brexit Deal. Some are whinging about the confusion and chaos, without acknowledging that they caused it.

On 9 June 2015 544 MPs (83%), many the same ones who rejected the deal, voted in favour of holding a referendum on leaving the European Union. It is estimated that 70% of them wanted to remain so why did they give an option to leave? As we know the people accepted that option, without the referendum being legally binding.

Brexit formally began on 29 March 2017 when withdrawal was formally notified. That happened because on 8 February 2017 494 MPs (68%) voted to pass the European Union Notice of Withdrawal Act.

Parliament made Brexit possible and declined an opportunity to stop it.  The MPs are responsible for the seemingly inevitable no-deal exit and need to deal with the consequences of their decisions.

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